Benefits of Dynamic Display Ads in PPC & Why They Should Replace Static Display Ads

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Want to improve your PPC campaign results? Learn why dynamic display ads are the optimal ad format over static display ads in PPC.

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Is your business not seeing optimal results in your PPC campaigns? Then, you may be choosing the wrong ad format. Whether it’s unprofitable bidding strategies or declining conversion rates, dynamic display ads can maximize your PPC campaign results more than static ads. 

From continuous ad optimization to rich user data integration and maximized conversions, learn why dynamic ads are the best choice for PPC. 

What Are Google Display Ads?

Google display ads are a type of PPC advertising within the Google Display Network. It allows you to reach global potential customers beyond Google Search on all Google-owned platforms, including YouTube and Gmail.

How Does Google Display Ads Grow Marketing Results for Advertisers? 

The benefits of display advertising are streamlining and optimizing your PPC campaign creation process to maximize results. It generates ad formats, bidding strategies, and advanced audience targeting through various automated features based on first-party consumer data. 

What Are the Differences Between Google Dynamic vs. Static Display Ads?

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Google’s dynamic display ads update your PPC campaigns over time based on your target audience’s behavior. They’ll change the visuals, prices, or products/services shown if users browse similar content on your website or other platforms. They’re designed for specific audiences and ad campaigns. 

Static display ads don’t update your PPC ads as they’re designed for general offers for brand awareness. It requires more manual campaign maintenance and strategy development without automation.

Benefits of Dynamic Display Ads in PPC: Why They’re the Better Choice Over Static Display Ads

Below are the top benefits of using dynamic ads on Google and how they can improve your PPC strategy over static ads. 

Enhanced Personalization

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Google dynamic ads offer more personalization based on your unique user data. Utilizing a data-driven approach, like using the exact products or services users were looking at on your website in your ads, brings more relevancy to your target audience. It strengthens your PPC strategy with high-quality first-party data as your foundation.

The Performance Max feature provides rich user insights, including:

  • User interests based on ad text, image, and video assets with specific audience segments 
  • User demographics, like income, age, and gender
  • Search queries
  • Used platforms and browsers
  • Website interactions and history

For example, you can tailor ads like discounted products for previous customers to improve customer lifetime value and first-time offers for new audiences to increase customer acquisition. 

Dynamic display advertising optimizes your audience targeting and customizes your PPC campaigns by applying relevant user data feed to your ad group. It unlocks critical touchpoints in the buyer’s journey to drive more conversions through their accurate insights. That way, you can simplify your PPC campaign management and strengthen its performance easily. 

Since static display ads require you to apply user data yourself to segment audiences, it doesn’t guarantee relevancy as display ads do. You may create an ad campaign that focuses on brand awareness, and it’s shown to users already familiar with your company. 

According to Think with Google, 61% of people expect brands to personalize their experiences based on individual preferences and needs. In a competitive and oversaturated digital marketplace, reducing your wasted ad spend with customized PPC campaigns is crucial.

Automated Ad Formats

A key benefit of display campaigns in PPC dynamic ads is having automated ad formats. Google generates how your ads should look based on user behavior. It skips the manual process of figuring out which ad design is best, providing more accuracy and relevancy through data-driven predictive technology.

Google will design a media plan that maximizes your PPC budget with recommended visuals and messaging. They’ll even guide you through campaign launches with their first-party data for optimal results. 

With AI-powered dynamic ad campaigns, you can strengthen your PPC performance for more conversions and budget value because the data comes directly from your customers—and it’s all done for you.

While static display ads give you full creative control, they require you to design the ad layout and have limited dimensions. You must analyze your consumer’s comprehensive data, which may result in choosing the wrong products or services to showcase. Because static display ads don’t have generated ad formats, you risk creative mistakes users aren’t interested in. 

Optimized Bidding

Dynamic display ads optimize the best bid for each impression and how much you pay for each impression and conversion through automation. The Smart Bidding feature maximizes your PPC’s ROI since it automatically adjusts your bids over time based on your highest-performing audiences—achieving 18% more conversions at a similar cost per action! 

Additionally, dynamic ads are more effective at retargeting, which leverages lower bidding budgets. It shows your ads to people who previously viewed your website’s products or services, allowing you to match with ideal consumers who showed the most interest. 

Since static display ads don’t change over time, your competitor can outbid you more easily if it’s generating successful results. You may need to increase your bid to show up at the top of the SERPs or in certain ad placements to compete, costing you more of your PPC budget.

Maximum Conversions

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Since static display ads are designed for top-funnel users, like brand awareness, it typically leads to lower conversion rates. Dynamic display ads are best for targeting middle and bottom-funnel users who are comparing options or ready to buy—leading to an average higher conversion rate of 37% than static ads!

Simplified Scalability

Dynamic PPC display ads can instantly create an unlimited number of campaigns for you that are tailored to your target audiences. Because Google’s AI and machine learning advertising tools generate dynamic ads for you, it simplifies the scalability process based on their algorithms.

Static display ads are harder to scale because they have a manual process. It requires you to create individual ads without automation, taking longer and more resources to execute. If you plan to launch several PPC campaigns for various clients and segment audiences, dynamic ads are more efficient and effective.

Maximize Your Advertising Budget & Results with Professional Digital Marketers

Although dynamic display ads help you learn what works best for your target audience, they still require time and resources to execute efficiently. You must create ad graphics, engaging copy, profitable budgets, and more. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. 

At Reach Marketing Pro, we have extensive experience maximizing PPC budgets and optimizing ad strategies to generate greater results, including SEM and SEO. We’re a full-service agency of PPC marketers, graphic designers, and copywriters with the expertise to guide you from ad campaign strategy to launch. 

We combine a mobile-first approach with data-driven keyword research to strengthen your PPC campaigns. Our team will continuously monitor your display ads with monthly reports to track their success. 

Grow your business effectively with professional PPC services or contact us for help getting started today!

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