Website Domain vs. Content Hosting Explained

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If you’re in the business of setting up or managing a website it’s helpful to know and understand the difference between a domain and content hosting. We've successfully broke it down to the foundation and will build its structure to the end. Once you’ve laid the final bricks, you will have the confidence to run a successful, efficient website.

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Domain vs Hosting:  What’s the Difference?

To make it simple, the key difference between domain and hosting is that a domain is the website’s address, which allows visitors to easily find your website online. Hosting is where the website files and designs are stored. For example, GoDaddy is a hosting site, while is a domain.

There’s also a term called content hosting, which is a service where your website’s content is managed with a CMS, or content management system. These systems enable website owners or marketing teams to edit the website’s content, share its files, and hyperlink pages without marking up or adding programming languages.

Both are Needed for a Successful Website

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Unfortunately, to have a website you can’t have one or the other. While you have the domain, your website must be hosted on a server to function properly. The goal is to have visitors see your site and hopefully make a purchase. You can purchase a domain name and not have a website. However, a website can’t be hosted without a domain name. So if you’re starting the journey to getting a website, start with choosing and purchasing a domain name.

How to Choose the Right Domain Name & Content Hosting Platform

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Looking to choose the right domain name? Here are some tips on how to find the perfect domain name and content hosting platform.

For finding and purchasing a domain:

  • Naming tips: find a “future-proof” name that is short but memorable.
  • Prevent trademark infringement by researching domain names before making the purchase.
  • Look into potential costs, as each domain comes with a different price tag.
  • Lead negotiations after conducting your own research and landing the best price for the domain.

For finding a web content hosting platform:

  • Based on the type of website you are looking to host, there are specific platforms that are best suited.
  • Look into the best search engine optimization (SEO) tips that will enhance your website’s visibility and google search rankings. This will also play a role in the marketing.
  • Each hosting platform comes with its own set of security protocols. Look into each platform and how they oversee the maintenance and upkeep of the website so you know how your website will be managed.
  • Each hosting platform comes with different maintenance packages based on specific customizations. Although cost plays a factor, research plays a role to see which package and hosting platform fits your needs best.

Things to Consider Before You Select Your Web Hosting

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Here are some things to consider before selecting the platform to host your website. First off, there are multiple types of web hosting platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, and PrestaShop. If you already have an established domain and web-hosted website, it can be successfully transferred to another company if needed.

However, there’s something you should know. An already registered domain name can’t be modified or changed, so it’s important to know a new one has to be purchased and implemented to the existing website, or a new one will need to be created and linked to the old one, essentially, redirecting from the previously created domain name to the new name so you don’t lose website traffic.

Resources for You Consider

There are valuable resources to utilize when purchasing a domain and choosing a content hosting platform. Here are some of our recommended domain and content management resources:

For purchasing a domain: Hostinger GoDaddy, and Squarespace.

For content hosting: WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, and PrestaShop.

Let Our Team Do the Work for You!

Finding and creating domain names can be a tricky process when you endure it alone. Rather than trying to figure it out, rely on an expert who can guide you through the domain purchasing process, website development, and content creation for your new (or redesigned) website!

At Reach Marketing Pro, we help you every step of the way, no matter if your business is new or well-established. Allow us to create a branded, optimized, and functional website for your business! If you have a question, ask us here!

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