Sponsored Community Tree Lighting Event

A Christmas tree with bright lights all around it
Last December, our team at Reach Marketing Pro sponsored The Larkspur Tree Lighting Ceremony, in Larkspur, Colorado. We were pleased to have the opportunity to support a local community during a festive time of the year!

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How Our Team Participated

From one local business to another, our team at Reach Marketing Pro was happy to lend our support to the neighboring town of Larkspur, CO, and its charities for the annual Larkspur Community Tree Lighting event in December 2022. Our team helped organize the entire event, which included running announcements during the festivities and helping to decorate the trees.

Fun fact, a total of 58 trees were decorated and on display from December 3rd through January 20th!

Holiday Cheer Was Felt By All

Picture that has multiple Christmas trees lit up with colorful lights

Our team, along with the local community had plenty of fun during this yearly event! Over 600 people attended the festivities, which included a stroll through the park, visiting Santa, and making s’mores with Santa’s elves! Attendees sent holiday greetings to active military and they were kept warm with coffee, hot cocoa, and wassail.

With the proceeds benefitting the local charity, The Bobcat Kids at the Giving Tree, we felt honored to take part in the event.

We Love to Support Local- As Much As Our Clients Do!

Reach Marketing Pro knows the importance of supporting local businesses and charities. If you would like us to help sponsor your event or if you’d like to support local small businesses like us, feel free to reach out here to see how we can help each other!

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