Press Releases: How They Can Help Your Business

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Some say they’re not needed; however, they’re essential. Press Releases are a benefiical contribution of an organization’s media coverage, in that they can be used to promote a new product/service, raise awareness, or make an important announcement. Rather than investing so much effort into long-form content, Press Releases are short, concise, effective communication methods to grow a business. Let’s discuss what a Presss Release is, what they’re used for, and why a business should use them in their marketing strategy.

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What is a Press Release?

By the standard definition, a Press Release is a short, captivating news story that is sent to targeted members of the media. For example, certain topics in a Press Release may include announcements of new products, an upcoming event, a new business initiative, an award announcement, the hiring of a new employee, or important research.

More specifically, a business would use a Press Release to promote a corporate event, launch a new product, or onboard a new employee.

For an individual, a Press Release could be an event announcement, award, narrative control, or research-oriented.

The Process of Initiating a Press Release

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In the PR world, creating a Press Release is fast and thorough. Here is an outline of the process of a Press Release for a brand’s media strategy.

Step 1: A marketing team chooses to write a press release to promote an upcoming product launch, and determine relevant media outlets to publish to.

Step 2: Once the press release is submitted to various media outlets, journalists from these media outlets determine if they want to contribute to the story.

Step 3: Interested, the journalist contacts the company for an interview to learn more about the upcoming product launch.

Step 4: After the interview, the journalist writes a story and publishes it on the media’s website.

Step 5: The newly published article on the media’s website will raise awareness, drive engagement, and boost foot traffic to the company’s website at no additional cost to them.

The results of a Press Release are powerful when done correctly. Don’t waste a moment creating an integral voice for your company.

How Does a Press Release Help Me or My Business?

Like above, a Press Release can significantly accelerate a business’s growth and perception, if it gets into the hands of the right media agency. Remember, a Press Release can do the following:

  • Foster strong, long-lasting relationships and engagement with the media.
  • Formulate and improve credibility when a business controls its narrative.
  • Aids in crisis management, mitigating future risk.
  • Builds and strengthens a business’s SEO traffic to its website, corresponding social media channels, blogs, and more.
  • Grows a solid follow base with customers, journalists, other businesses, and prospects.

Press Release: Another Marketing Strategy for Your Growing Business

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Did you know that utilizing a press release can drive organic traffic at no cost? Really, zero dollars. Press Releases are powerful in the sense that, when done right, can increase organic traffic across a business’s website, blog, social media, storefront, and other platforms it advertises on. Rather than emptying pockets, inputting the sweat equity into writing and publishing the Press Release will generate the ROI and put your brand on top for customers when searching for a particular product or service. Learn more about how SEO plays a key role in creating a Press Release through its copy and marketing strategy.

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