Should You Have AI Write Content for You? The Pros & Cons Explained

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In today’s environment, there is an expectation for businesses to prioritize content creation. Now, it’s no longer about writing but creating a strong online presence within social media and accumulating a robust following. When there is so much that comes with growing a successful brand, sometimes there isn’t enough time to create your own content. This is when artificial intelligence comes into play.

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What is Content-Writing AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) incorporates human intelligence to create content through computer software. These cutting-edge programs are modeled after original human thought processes to create unique content based on what you are looking for. When using AI, you surrender the opportunity of human error, such as typos and grammar mistakes. Since it is time-consuming to produce valuable and insightful blogs, articles, and essays, artificial intelligence technology steps in to play hardball. Curious about what professionals today use AI for? Normally, you will find landing pages, marketing copy, product descriptions, SEO-driven blog topics, evergreen content, and social media copy for starters.

The Benefits of Using Content-Writing AI

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Utilizing AI writing tools come with unique benefits. For instance, one major benefit that comes with AI content writing is the ability to save so much time. For example, rather than spending countless hours brainstorming, constructing outlines, and proofreading, AI writing tools serve as the second pair of eyes to ensure the content is correct while increasing your productivity to focus on other tasks. Additionally, artificial intelligence helps drive website traffic by crafting SEO-optimized, readable content.

If you struggle to come up with new writing topics, AI tools step up to the plate and hit a home run with unique content suggestions, which help boost your creativity and improve your writing abilities. The number of opportunities is endless with AI writing tools!

Disadvantages of Using Content-Writing AI

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With the benefits that AI writing tools provide, there is always a downside. For instance, cost. Based on if you are looking for short-form content or more full-scale projects such as a robust, research-driven article, premium software would be required. In that case, you should prepare to invest hundreds of dollars, if not more, monthly.

Secondly, it’s best to understand that you can’t immediately depend on the AI to take over things without ample time to prepare. With every AI writing software comes a learning curve.

Most importantly, using artificial intelligence removes each writer’s unique personality. Unfortunately, since AI writing tools are based on “human intelligence”, they will always have a more “robotic” personality in the content, which lacks emotional appeal. Additionally, with the more robotic personality, you may seem to notice an unnatural flow of content that has multiple paragraphs that is repetitive, but slightly reworded. That may lead to worrisome thoughts of possible plagiarism.

Lastly, E-A-T concerns are a red flag when using AI writing tools. Without a personal touch or emotional appeal, Google’s algorithm may reduce your content’s visibility as far as it appears in Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

How to Use Best Practices When Writing-Content with AI

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Looking to utilize artificial intelligence in your content strategy? Here are some key tips and tools to keep in mind.

  • Your chosen AI writing tool should never be your sole outsourcing solution for your brand’s content. Instead, it should act more as a writing assistant to come up with new topics to overcome writer’s block.
  • Research what other businesses are writing about to remain current with what’s being discussed.
  • Prioritize incorporating E-A-T best practices in the writing process.
  • Prevent having a “robotic” personality by adding your unique personal touch so your individual voice is heard.

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Looking ahead, artificial intelligence and evolving marketing trends will undoubtedly help automate processes. However, if you look to add a personal touch that exemplifies your brand to target customers, it’s best to ensure that you are using the best practices when publishing the best—written content on your website. When you implement best practices, you will achieve the best results!

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