The Biggest SEO Trends to Watch in 2023

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In today’s business world, we are constantly discovering new ways to stand out from the competition. One way to achieve that is by incorporating and leveraging trending SEO tactics into your company’s digital marketing strategy. But what SEO trends are popular in 2023? We have the answers.

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The Best SEO Trends to Align Yourself with for 2023

Based on our research, here are our Top 12 SEO trends to watch and use in 2023:

  1. EEAT (Google’s quality rater guidelines):  This SEO tactic stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This SEO trend indicates how page quality affects its rankings in Google search results.
  2. Audience Targeting: This SEO trend refers to enhancing relevance to the content you present for unique visitors.
  3. Increase Author Authority: You can achieve this by cultivating relationships, incorporating guest posting, making blog content readable and relevant, and leveraging keyword research.
  4. Producing High-Quality Content: This isn’t a new SEO trend, however, it is one that needs to be prioritized more than ever in 2023.
  5. AI Utilization: Utilizing artificial intelligence can play a key role in your SEO strategy, for example, ChatGPT (as mentioned in our previous blog here ) is recognized as the future of SEO for content creation.
  6. SEO Automation: In addition to AI Utilization, SEO Automation should be used through collaboration methods as it helps increase visibility across SEO platforms and tools.
  7. Changes to CTRs and SERP Positions: CTR measures how many people visit a website, while SERP refers to the number of impressions on a results page. Although different, they are very closely related.
  8. Improved Product Page: Having and maintaining an updated product page will ensure your SEO content remains relevant and improves UX and eCommerce brands.
  9. Competitor Analysis: Both on-page and off-page SEO experiences will play a role in how your SEO compares to other brands.
  10. Less Crawl Frequency: Google’s decision to reduce crawl frequency is inspired by reducing the number of resources that have environmental impacts- creating improved sustainability.
  11. Images and Alt Text: Schema markup, known as structured data, is the language search engines utilize to read and understand the content on your pages. Image SEO refers to the optimization of images to get more traffic. Google Image searches account for 22.6% of all searches. Leveraging this SEO trend can drive significant traffic to your site.
  12. High-Performing Website: Enhancing the user experience is significant for SEO (learn more) as producing high-quality content that is tailored for UX will make a huge impact.

Other Things to Consider for the Future of SEO

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Along with the Top 12 SEO trends you should take advantage of in 2023, there are other factors that will influence the inner workings and long-term results of your business.

It’s forecasted that:

  1. You can expect to see fewer organic clickthrough rates as Google utilizes it as a ranking factor. SERP results with a higher CTR are likely to improve, while SERP results with a lower CTR tend to decline.
  2.  Incorporate Blogger outreach and personal branding into your SEO: We all want to be seen as trustworthy experts in our chosen field. Creating a unique brand identity will influence your target audience, establish trust, and help you stand out from competitors.
  3. Implementing Mobile Functionality in SEO is critical as it enhances the overall experience for visitors, in addition to that mobile search simply generates more traffic.
  4. Driving Customer Retention significantly impacts overall SEO as retention represents customers who consistently pay your business for a product or service. The more customers you retain, the more the business will grow.
  5. Remaining Adaptable is key, especially in the ever-changing field of Digitial Marketing. If you remain abreast of evolving trends and circumstances, you will always remain on top.

Our SEO Experts Stay One Step Ahead

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Well, there you have it. Take advantage of these new SEO trends in 2023 so you can reach the next level in your marketing strategy. Better yet, partner with our SEO experts who can get you there. Our team at Reach Marketing Pro are SEO strategists who utilize digital marketing resources to accelerate and optimize business growth. Instead of trying to do it yourself through countless hours of learning, modifying, and enhancing your existing SEO, let our team help you reach new levels.

Contact us for our SEO experts to enhance your site today.

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