Top Web Design Trends for 2023 and Beyond

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Today, mostly everything is online. To make your business stand out in a sea of websites, stay on track with 2023 web design trends so you know what customers are looking for. The end goal is to drive traffic to your site and increase the likelihood a customer will purchase a product or service. In this article we will cover top web design trends you should keep an eye out for as we look ahead in 2023.

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What is Web Design?

Website design has been growing since the mid-1990s as an interactive marketplace for customers. Looking into 2023, web design trends continue to evolve and be embraced by mainstream culture, collective behavior, and marketing tactics. Designing a website begins with visualizing your brand’s identity and how you would want to present it to a target audience through an interactive, user-friendly experience. A website’s layout is comprised of certain color schemes, layouts, font styles, and specific design elements that are specific to your brand. Web design trends come and go, but continue to evolve alongside new technologies, so it’s important to remain up to date on what is coming into the marketplace.

Web Design Trends for 2023

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Here are some go-to website design trends you should bookmark:

  1. Nostalgia Aesthetic: Bringing back the old with the new continues to grow in popularity, as the reintroduction of the early 2000s Y2K style normally repeats itself every 40 years or so.
  2. Unique Cursors: Rather than having the same old cursor you see every day, a current web design trend is to create a custom cursor that fits within your website’s unique design. It adds a touch of personality!
  3. Custom Typefaces: Like unique cursors, adding custom typefaces such as fonts and handcrafted lettering adds a unique flare that aligns with only your brand, so when customers see it they’ll recognize your business.
  4. Shareable Frameworks: Including shareable frameworks enhances the web navigation experience for all site users as it raises the visibility of creators’ work by sharing resources and techniques. This trend remains an essential component in the program development of a website.
  5. Illustrations and Dimensions: Illustrations are on the upward track! Not only does it make a website’s look and feel appeal more striking, but it also adds a customized flare that competitors will want to follow.
  6. Gamification Interactions: Sometimes it’s hard to leave a website when you’re having fun. Adding in a feature that allows users to engage in an enjoyable experience will want users to return for more, and potentially even make a purchase!
  7. Loading Animations: No one likes to watch the dreaded black screen as it loads content. Make the wait less daunting with an interactive animation to help the time go by in an entertaining way.
  8. Collaborative Support: A post-pandemic world enabled the ability for creators and businesses alike to collaborate in a virtual capacity, both in remote and hybrid workspaces.
  9. Creating a Lightweight, Efficient Website: Don’t overwhelm the user when creating your web design. A 2023 web design trend is to create valuable, relatable content and designs that make sense, without overloading it.
  10. Customizable Viewing: Adding a personalized touch to your web design that allows visitors to accommodate their needs will not only establish trust with the user but also enables them to choose your site from others.
  11. User Engagement: 2023 is THE year for user engagement! It’s time to put on your creative hat and design immersive user experiences with responsiveness, animation, and fun that will leave visitors craving more.

Want to see some great examples for yourself? Check out these featured website design templates offered at DesignRush.

How UX Plays a Role

Illustration of two phones with an illustrated doctor and patient on the screen, displaying different actions related to UX

Creating an accessible user experience (UX) should always be a top priority when designing a website and incorporating design trends for 2023. UX includes a website’s usability, design, navigation, and impression, so it’s very important to remain abreast of website design trends to captivate and retain a customer base. You have to be strategic and tactical with UX to make it reflect a positive impact. For example, although this is a fun idea at the moment, incorporating a game on a website that isn’t relevant but interactive can negatively affect the website’s functionality.

No one wants a laggy website.

Web Designs That Won’t Go Out of Style

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We all want our website to be the best of the bunch. Thankfully, here are some website design best practices that will never go out of style.

  1. Producing best-in-class content: Producing interactive content for your website is 2x as likely to engage a visitor versus static content. With this in mind, think outside the box to see what your customers would want to see. Think about what would keep them wanting more.
  2. Implementing a Mobile First Approach: When playing with digital maximalism, enable your website to be easily accessible, responsive, and mobile-friendly.
  3. Making a Fast, Efficient Website: This is self-explanatory. Visitors are more responsive and more likely to purchase your product or service if the site responds well and loads content efficiently.
  4. Creating a Non-Assertive Layout and Color Schemes: Sometimes it’s fun to have big, bold, and bright designs on a website. However, it will not be a trend forever. It’s best to use non-assertive layouts to reduce the risk of your site having too much graphic-heavy content that doesn’t work together. Prioritize what will be beneficial for long-term sustainability and how it collaborates with your brand identity.

Our Web Design Experts Can Improve Your Site for 2023 and Beyond!

Our creative, robust team of website design experts are always keeping up with current web design trends to remain ahead of the competition. We believe in providing you with a superior, optimized website design that reaches new heights while staying relevant to web design trends. From the ground up, and with your brand in mind, we will work with you to design a customized website that increases author authority, improves the user experience (UX), incorporates best-in-class graphics, and enhances functionality on every page.

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