Why is Social Media Good for Your Marketing Efforts?

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Today’s society is deeply immersed into social media. It is used to promote a brand’s voice, express personal beliefs, and communicate with friends and family around the world. It is a hub of creativity, business, and networking that can launch a new or already established business from the ground up. In the modern world, social media is a critical component to a business’s marketing efforts. Since social media has the power to tap into a completely new and exciting market, it is important to know how to use social media and understand why social media is important for your business. Let’s go over the importance of social media and how social media marketing can help you reach your business goals.

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Why You Should Use Social Media for Your Business

According to statistics, more than 55% of consumers learn about a new brand on social media. That can be from using Facebook, Instagram, TiKTok, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Not all content on Facebook will be the same on Instagram. For your social media marketing strategy, it is beneficial to cultivate a strategy for each platform, so your business receives the maximum benefit. This will also expand the exposure your business will receive, and it may result in a boost in business.

Should I Utilize Multiple Social Platforms for Marketing Efforts?

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As mentioned before, each social media platform has its own selection of users and specifications that make it unique. If you are looking to launch your social media strategy, using only one platform will not generate the results you are looking for. Utilize and leverage each platform and dive into the data to see how your business is performing on each one. Analytics play a huge factor based on your ideal consumers’ demographics, social media usage level, advertising methods, cost of advertising, or the total cost of your marketing efforts. With social media being an endless waterfall of likes, comments, shares, and hashtags, there are multiple trends that vary across each platform. By being a part of these different trends, while leveraging your business’s voice, it will play into virality or may even increase overall impressions, reach, and brand awareness.

How Social Can Benefit My Overall Marketing Strategy

Social media is not just about creating a post and sharing it across different platforms. There is a lot more that goes into a social media marketing strategy. For example, social media offers paid social advertising which refers to anything on social media that is influenced by advertising expenses. Then there is social commerce, which is a subset of e-commerce that revolves around social media and online media by supporting social interaction and user contributions to boost online buying. Finally, social media can boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) efforts.

If you have been using traditional marketing methods, delivering a heavy focus on social media marketing can potentially lower costs and increase positive experiences through social advertising, generating more awareness for potential customers, and boosting brand loyalty for already existing customers. Once customers begin to see your growing brand on social media, analytics will show increased traffic to your website and influence a higher rate of customers to purchase from your business.

Social Media Isn’t Just About Going ‘Viral’

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When scrolling through social media, you may have come across a few videos that have circled across multiple platforms with millions of views and impressions. Having your content go viral on social media is definitely a goal to be checked off the list. However, it is best to not make it a huge priority right out of the gate. For a new business, the probability of having your content become a viral sensation is on the lower end. Always stick to what your brand focuses on and, with time and consistency, the following and engagement will come shortly after. Never just create photos or videos for social media that may contradict your ethics or values in hope of becoming “viral”. Because if that post happened to go viral, then think about how that would impact your business overall.

As previously mentioned, SEO, SEM, and Social Media go hand-in-hand with your business’s success. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps improve your business’s metrics and boost overall rankings. By incorporating keyword research, social media drives more traffic to search-optimized pages, which drives engagement and visibility. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps attract potential customers at different stages in the buying cycle. What is beneficial about SEM is that it lets you when users are ready to buy what you are promoting. Social media helps drive traffic to your company’s social media pages, website, and other advertising, which may result in increased business and exponential growth for your brand.

If You Feel Overwhelmed by Social Marketing, We Can Help!

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Our team at Reach Marketing Pro is made up of talented social media professionals who are well-versed in creating specific social media strategies with our in-house SEO and SEM Marketing specialists. Together, they create quality content that directly corresponds with your brand’s social media marketing needs. By providing detailed analytics each month, you will know exactly where your business stands on social media. Knowing that data never lies, we collaborate with you on tactics that can be leveraged into your social media plan, so it produces valuable results monthly. If you have been thinking of launching your business on social media, reach out to us today to learn more about our marketing and social media packages.

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