How to Engage with Social Media Followers and Why it’s Important

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Social media engagement can make a drastic impact to your company’s overall marketing and branding strategy. Increasing your social media engagement can be vital to achieving your goals. Whatever the case may be, from detailed analytics to outreach, down to content creation, your social media strategy can take your personal/professional brand to the next level. Social Media agencies create content that is not only valuable and appropriate but offers plug-in services that keeps your readers engaged. Let’s cover what social media engagement is, why it is important, and ways you can increase it on your own social media accounts.

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What is Social Media Engagement?

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No matter where you are in the world, you have the power to engage with your followers on social media anywhere, any time. When a business uses social media to engage with its target audience, the result can generate new leads, build more revenue, and increase brand awareness. Social media engagement is performing a variety of actions on a social platform. For example, on Facebook you can either “like”, “comment”, or “share” a post you see while scrolling through the newsfeed. On Instagram, you can “like” or “comment” on a post you see, follow an account you like, or message a user directly. Sharing your interest contributes to your engagement on social media, resulting in more users engaging with you.

Why Social Media Engagement is Important

Since 1996, over 7.7 billion people have been influenced by what they saw on social media. Today, more than 4.8 billion people are actively using social media on a daily basis. Out of these users, roughly 39 percent of them are considered influencers, which are accounts that contain more than 15,000 followers. These influencers are spread mostly across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Along with using social media for personal needs, over 92 percent of businesses in the United States use social media for their marketing purposes.

With statistics showing a steady increase in social media users daily, there is a massive opportunity to bring your brand to the next level, whether it be through one social media account or more. In today’s world, modern-day celebrities have come from creating content and driving engagement from their TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube social media profiles. By setting time aside to focus on your social media engagement, the opportunities are endless.

How Do I Create Engagement on Social Media?

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Creating engagement on social media is a question that can come with multiple answers, and sometimes it can be difficult to decide where to begin. One way to start is to decide what kind of content should be on your social media page. For example, you can ask yourself the question, “What would I like to see?” Additionally, you can research other pages on different social media platforms to see what other users are posting to increase engagement. Some examples can be:

  • Creating posts and tagging your friends in it.
  • Writing encouraging and motivational comments on different posts.
  • Creating a poll asking a question that discusses a trending topic.
  • Schedule social media posts during the most optimized posting times based on your analytics.
  • Creating a boomerang, story, or reel with music in the background.

On social media, there are endless options for what your content can be. No matter what you put in your post, how you engage after it is on your page is what will make you stand out from a sea of profiles.

If You Already Engage, How Might You Increase Social Media Engagement?

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To immediately answer the question with the shortest answer, it would be to post more often. The more consistent your postings are, the more consistent your engagement will be. If your posts include a specific product or service, tagging that business into your post will boost engagement with that user, which would result in their following engaging with you. Conducting social media outreach with other businesses, speakers, and influencers can result in collaborations that open the door for engagement opportunities between both social media accounts. Additional ways to increase social media engagement can be:

  • Tagging loyal followers and friends in posts.
  • Promoting giveaways, sweepstakes, or polls.
  • Staying on top of reporting, tracking, and algorithms.
  • Ensuring consistent brand messaging across all social media accounts.

Out of all the ways you can increase social media engagement, the most important one to remember is to be consistent. If you keep posting and continue to engage with social media users, the results will show.

How to Tell if Your Efforts are Increasing Your Social Media Presence?

Once you have the content rolling, you probably wonder if your efforts are actually generating results. One way you can deep dive into your social media engagement analytics is by utilizing external websites and platforms that provide scheduling, reporting, and engagement-related analytics to see if there are any gaps in your social media strategy. Once you understand what your users and followers are looking for, you can then decide the best content to use that will ensure your tactics and interaction posts are benefitting your long-term goal. Keep in mind that some of these reporting tools may come with a monthly fee, so be sure to dig into your research and decide which software will be the best one for your needs.

All Your Social Media Service Needs Met at Once

Reach Marketing Pro is a leading industry expert on what it takes to grow your social engagement. We offer a full-fledged social media service that starts your social strategy from the ground up, creating captivating content using graphics, photos, and videos across your social media accounts, while writing optimized posts that provide end-of-month reporting to see what can be improved on to get continued growth. Check out their social media services page to learn more here.

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